20080607 0028 133x200 Welcome to ByTor Photographic
ByTor Photographic is the home to photographer Graeme Findlay.

The site is a showcase of Graeme’s photographic portfolio. Image styles range from Alternative/Gothic and Fashion through to Glamour and Artistic Nudes.

If you are offended by the human body, perhaps you should leave immediately as there is nudity shown within the portfolio. If not, check out the portfolios and, if you like my work and would like some images of your own, get in touch and we can set up a photo shoot.

I reserve the right to accept or reject shoots at my own discretion and without explanation.

If I confirm a shoot, I WILL turn up. I expect the same courtesy from you.

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20070224 1666 133x200 Again...Inspire me...I’m posting this again ‘cos I didn’t get a fantastic response last time.

OK, I’m bored. I’m looking for inspiration – a model (or several) who can wow me. Female models only.

I’m after art nudes, lingerie, alternative especially but I’ll try anything. That said – this is NOT for porn, there will be NO open-leg images or anything of an explicit sexual nature.

However, I do have some conditions – nothing fake. No fake hair, fake boobs, fake lips, fake tan. No extensions, weaves, orange or walnut skin. All natural and other than for spots/scratches, there will be no major photoshop work done to your body in any images created.

Tattoos are fine, minor scarring is fine but will not be photoshopped out. Piercings are fine, but not too much metal (2 or 3 pieces plus earrings).

Busty or flat doesn’t matter, though curves of some form are a must – a defined chest, waist and hips.

If I reject your application, I won’t discuss or negotiate. If I accept, you CANNOT no-show. Be 100% reliable or don’t waste my time. If we’re shooting nudes, you MUST be willing to do art nude so no “I only do implied…” or “I’ll do nude but won’t show my…etc.”.

I’m based in Falkirk, Central Scotland but I’m willing to travel within reason for the right model(s) and/or the right venue if you have one. I’m also willing to work with your ideas as this will be a collaboration of sorts.

So, if I don’t sound too scary, get in touch and let’s see what happens.

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20090822 0222 133x200 For SaleWell, finally I have started to sell prints of some of my images.

Slowly, over the next few days/weeks, I will be adding many more images to the product pages so please be patient. Also, if there’s an image you’d like to purchase and you don’t see it, please just ask and I’ll be happy to add it.

I hope you like my images enough to purchase one or more. I’ll be watching things very closely for a while to make sure everything is working and, if necessary, will make changes to anything that’s not quite right.

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20090915 0122 133x200 New RatesWell, in July and August, I did a special offer reduction of my rates. That went pretty well so I’ve decided to make the reduction permanent.

So, effective immediately, my rates are £100 for a full day shoot, no makeup artist, and £200 if you want a makeup artist there. Full details can be found, along with the answers to all your other questions, on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you’re interested in a shoot, drop me a message from the Contact Me page and we’ll get together to work some magic. I hope to hear from you all.

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